Professional Makeup Tips and Tricks

Before and after pictures of a girl getting her hair done.

If you had the chance to learn the secrets to smooth skin, luscious lips and elegant eyes, would you jump on the opportunity? Here are a few professional makeup tips to help you feel beautiful on your next big night out.

Prep Your Skin

Cleanse and moisturize your face with oil-free products before applying makeup. Wash with warm water to open up your pores and sweep more dirt away. Once clean and moisturized, conceal blemishes with a dab of cover up.

Apply Eye Makeup

Choose eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara that complement your natural coloring. Rather than attempting to alter your coloring with conflicting makeup products, stick to your natural color palette for the best results.

Start with eyeliner. Touch up any mistakes as you go. Next, apply eye shadow starting at the inside corner. If you use multiple colors, highlight the inside corner of your eyes with light colors, apply a darker shade on the center of your eyelid, and reserve the darkest color for the outside corner. To keep from looking messy, apply a little, blend as you go and add more only as needed. For dark, impressive eyelashes, apply mascara after your other eye makeup.

Finish with Foundation

Deceptively natural-looking powder and foundation is important to obtaining the flawless skin you’ve always wanted. Being aware of your natural skin color is essential to natural-looking makeup. This means you should buy foundation that matches your skin tone exactly. Otherwise, you can end up looking as though you’re wearing a mask.

Apply foundation with a brush or foundation sponge. Never use your hands as this only spreads bacteria. Finish off your look with a powder, blending in circles. If you decide to use blush and lipstick, add those now, but be subtle. Blending is the key to all makeup applications.

For help mastering these makeup tips, call us for one-on-one instruction from an experienced makeup artist!

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